Guitar Legends I – Stevie Ray Vaughn

May 18, 2010

I heard Stevie for the first time a few years ago on an MTV Unplugged session with another guitar legend, Joe Satriani. Although we lost him almost 20 years ago, he still remains one of the best guitar players ever.


One comment

  1. SRV is my guitar hero. Actually – they should make a Guitar Hero – SRV game with a trashed “Number One” Stratocaster and a whole lot of blues songs. I’d buy it!

    I saw him first at the “Rockpalast” show at Lorelei in 1984. I was really there to see “The Alarm”, but Stevie blew me away from the first second of his set, opening with “Scuttle Buttin'”. Texas blues was in the house!

    If you have never seen or heard SRV live, get the “Live Alive” album. That’s just a stunning live performance.

    He died in a helicopter crash along with some of Clapton’s crew leaving a concert in Alpine Valley. He wasn’t even supposed to be in that helicopter, but he was offered a ride.


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