The Adventures of a Notes Developer In The World Of ColdFusion I

January 28, 2009

My readers might remember that a few months back, I moved from my previous position as a Notes Developer to a different role with a different, more general name – Application Developer.

Now one of the perks of this new role, is that in fact our team develops in many different programming languages, so I get to learn new things and still have the chance to work on Lotus Notes, aka my “comfort zone”.  In the past few weeks I’ve fought my way into the lovely world of SQL and Stored Procedures (in Microsoft SQL Server, unfortunately), but this week I found this totally new cup of tea called ColdFusion.

“Isn’t ColdFusion dead?” I hear some voices asking. Yeah I probably asked the same a couple years back, and shame on me, since I hate it when I am asked “Isn’t Notes dead?”. ColdFusion is actually in the hands of the much able Adobe, so it is definitely pretty much alive and kicking.

Back to the topic at hand: even though a good programmer should be able to assimilate a different programming language with no issues, there’s clearly a period of “adaptation”, or “learning” if you so prefer, in which barriers are found every 5 minutes and solutions every other 5. And of course, is there anything that feels better, development-wise, than those “Ah so that’s how this works!” moments?

So I decided to share this journey with you (thanks for the encouragement Simon!). I don’t want to make this extremely technical or extremely detailed, as I don’t want to make it amusing for experienced ColdFusion developers, or frustrating for Notes developers who never tried ColdFusion. I want however to share the experiences/frustrations/gotchas as I go along and hope that, besides the potentially interesting reading, some other developers, Notes or not, might actually benefit from my musings if they ever find themselves in shoes similar to mine.

Now please excuse me while I go hammer the CFEclipse configuration a bit more…



  1. This should be interesting for me, as I went the other way. Coldfusion to Lotus Domino. Oh, the frustrations I ran into as I kept trying to make Domino act like a relational database.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Hey Pedro, great to see you embark on this!

    Even though I’m not doing much dev work nowadays, I’ll be following with interest!

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  4. You gentlemen are of a rare breed. We have been searching for the Lotus Notes/ Coldfusion Development combination for one of our clients for a few weeks. Are either of you or anyone you know with a similar background looking for a new opportunity? The role is permanent with unbelievable stability and benefits. So far I feel like I am playing tennis with the curtains, so any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Morgan Epps

  5. John, I hope you find it enjoyable. Please let me know when I make any mistakes 😉

    Thanks Simon, I haven’t had the time to post about the code itself, but I will, soon enough.

    Morgan, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I’m not aware of any Notes+Coldfusion dev available in the market.

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