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A new chapter

September 25, 2008

I thought of many different ways of writing this post but, in the end, I decided to just get to the point.

Many of you who attended ILUG 2007 and 2008 might remember seeing me with fellow co-worker Sean Donohue. Even though we both lead teams of Notes Developers for the same company, we work in different organizations. And even though we often exchanged ideas and questions, we never really worked together before.

That’s changing soon, as I have accepted a position as a Senior Application Developer on Sean’s team. I am looking forward to this for many reasons (not all of them relevant to this blog) so you may see me smiling more often now 😉

On a sidenote, this position used to belong to famous Notes Developer John Coolidge. So I’m sure the expectations are high, and I hope to live up to them!


Give Paul Mooney a birthday present!

September 1, 2008

Paul Mooney, one the the great guys behind ILUG, had the brilliant idea to ask for a birthday present in the form, shape and color of a charity donation.

Whether you, just like me, owe Paul a lot for his efforts and dedication through the years or even if you don’t know him at all… please consider visiting his blog and donating money on his name.